Jet Grind Radio

Game Boy Advance

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In the future, all the party kids are dancing to the beat of Jet Grind radio, the underground music station. It's also how street taggers know which new walls are open for some redecoration! As a tagger you'll rollerblade through the streets and spread your tag to be king of the city!

Ten different playable characters, each with their own style, and race other taggers to get to the walls first

You'll have to avoid the cops and pedestrians who get in your way too -- use your tricks and combos to avoid them

Exciting multiplayer modes including one-on-one races, freestyle skating for points and timed tagging sessions

Up to four-person multiplayer action through the use of a GameLink

Release Date (US): Unknown. Keep checking back for release date updates. Countdown to Jet Grind Radio.


Release Date Unknown
 Also On Sega Dreamcast