Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land

Game Boy Advance

16 years 167 days

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The people of Dream Land are gettng restless -- they can't dream anymore, and chaos has erupted! Kirby learns that Kind Dedele is responsible, and he sets off to find him.

Use Kirby's unique and seemingly harmless abilities to rescue the Star Rod from Dedele and bring the people of Dream Land their powers back

Wacth as Kirby transforms into 24 funny, weird shapes and uses his abilities against by eating their attacks

Platform adventure like you've always wanted as Kirby floats over objects, shapeshifts and adapts to the various strange environments

Multiplayer action with tons of fun Kirby mini-games, too!

Release Date (US): Dec 4, 2002 - Over 16 year(s) and 167 days ago.


Release Date Dec 4, 2002