Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Sony PSP

9 years 302 days

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Take your game online with the PSP's Wi-Fi capabilities for head-to-head and co-op multiplayer mayhem and Chat, trade guns and commodities with your friends, and more on the Rockstar Games Social Club.

Utilizing the superior audio and visual processing power of the PSP, Chinatown Wars is reborn with noticeable boosts in graphic and sound quality.

Contemporary Liberty City is a massive world complete with pedestrians, weather and traffic patterns, five different radio stations and four different sprawling boroughs to explore.

Mature storyline with over 70+ story missions; plus dozens of side quests, collectibles, contextual mini-games and the all new mission replay feature.

Addictive drug dealing side game adds street economics to the mix with 6 different drug types, 80+ drug dealers and a supply / demand driven narcotics economy.

Release Date (US): Oct 20, 2009 - Over 9 year(s) and 302 days ago.


Release Date Oct 20, 2009
 Also On Nintendo DS