Mortal Kombat Unchained

Sony PSP

12 years 306 days

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Two fatalities per character with new death traps, stage fatalities and interactive Kombat backgrounds

Completely redesigned single player Konquest mode provides an entirely fresh experience and a strong RPG gameplay element

Explores worlds populated by NPC (Non-Player-Controlled) characters, unique hidden features, and a real time clock with a 24-hour day

New Chess Kombat Mode - Partake in a game of chess-like strategy, but with a fun (and bloody) Mortal Kombat twist

Puzzle Kombat includes over 10 Mortal Kombat characters, each with a super-move to trigger against opponents

Release Date (US): Nov 15, 2006 - Over 12 year(s) and 306 days ago.


Release Date Nov 15, 2006