Crystal Crisis - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

2 days

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19 unique playable characters, including Quote and Curly Brace from Cave Story, Isaac from The Binding of Isaac, Astro Boy and Black Jack from Tezuka Productions and many more.

Each character has his or her own stage, musical theme, unique special attacks, and voice-acted exclamations.

Build up your "Burst" Gauge with repeated combos to unleash more powerful attacks.

Local and online multiplayer options to play against friends, family members, or challengers worldwide. Multiple single-player game modes, including arcade, survival mode, Tag team, and training mode.

Wrap-around feature allows you to move falling pieces beyond the edge of the wall to reappear on the other side. Colorblind Mode makes gems easier to distinguish for players with color blindness.

Release Date (US): Apr 23, 2019 - Less than 2 days away. Countdown to Crystal Crisis - Nintendo Switch.


Release Date Apr 23, 2019