Yakuza Kiwami Steelbook Edition

PlayStation 4

293 days

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Includes limited edition Steelbook.

Newcomers or those whose Yakuza experience started with Yakuza 0 will have familiar, exacting controls, top-notch SEGA localization, and a solid starting point for entering the Yakuza franchise fresh.

Completely new to Kiwami is the "Majima Everywhere" system, where the series' deranged, one-eyed maniac will constantly surprise and challenge Kiryu to combat when he least expects it.

Kiwami is rebuilt from the ground up with all new HD assets, exclusive Japanese voice audio re-recorded by the series cast, and more; optimized for the PlayStation 4 and running in 1080p/60fps.

Release Date (US): Aug 29, 2017 - Over 293 days ago.


Release Date Aug 29, 2017