Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX


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In the 2nd and 3rd centuries, a once grand nation fell into civil war. You are a Ruler and must use leadership, management and strategy skills to become a legend. Some fought to stop the chaos, some used the chaos for their own gain -- which route you take is up to you!

Engage in 15 historical, 5 fictional and 5 challenge scenarios, with multiple story endings and epilogues

Advanced AI & Personality Dependent system affect officer responses to your commands

Now foreign tribes play a role in your dominion over China - build relations with the Wuwan, Xi Qing, Shanyue and Nanman tribes to aid you in battle

Build towers and set traps to hold off invasions

Release Date (US): Unknown. Keep checking back for release date updates. Countdown to Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX.


Release Date Unknown